Hello! I am Alexa Schlegel.
I am a human looking for a job, related to UX or web development.

/ portfolio

selected work samples

I am doing user-centered design, prototyping, wireframing, programming
and in general developing stuff for humans.

Responsive One-pager
Web Application for Annotating Text
Developing a Website using Mobile First
Website with Joomla
Front-end for an Online Shop
Food Stops - a Feature for the CassisApp
Semi-structured Interviews
Blinking LED Mailbox (private)
Wooden Labels (private)
ELAP - Heuristic Evaluations
Master Thesis - Social Network Analysis
Girls day Website - Visual Design
ELAP - User Testing
Pub Ordering System with AngularJS
The Dome Project (private)
Bachelor Thesis - Annotations

/ about me

a very short summary

I studied computer science and specialized in human-computer interaction and usability. I live in Berlin since 2007. I love to create things for humans and I am curious about learning new skills. It is inspiring to work in interdisciplinary teams. I like to share things I am passionate about.

It is me.

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